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Looking for a way to minimize sibling rivalry and create peace and harmony in the home?
Then look no further.
Child of the Week works on a rotational basis where all your children, young or old, get to be the leader for the week. You can program in perks and chores and even take part in a family discussion when there is a discussion to be made. This system makes it fair for every child in the family. It teaches patience, acceptance and understanding. Every child will have a turn to feel important and you can kiss those arguments goodbye.

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There is a help button in the accounts section of the app. This will show you how to add children, set perks and chores, start a discussion and set up your account. You will also be given advice on how to pair your device with a child, parent, grandparent or carer.

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    Whether you have two or ten, you can organise your children using Child of the Week. Arrange from oldest to youngest, see who the current Child of the Week is and whose turn it is next. Pair your child with your mobile device and communicate with each other, keeping an eye on the perks while - of course - making sure all those chores are being done!

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    Set as many chores as you wish for your Child of the Week. You may have chores you want all the children to do, such as cleaning their teeth and making their beds, and others that only the current Child of the Week needs to complete, such as setting and clearing the table, washing the dishes, mowing the lawn or taking out the garbage. It is simple to set up a daily or weekly rotation. You can even set a timer and your children will be notified when it is time to do their chore!

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    You can’t expect the kids to do all the work and not get any rewards! Child of the Week allows you to assign perks as well. The Child of the Week can sit in the front seat of the car, be dropped at school first, choose a video or decide what to watch on TV, go out with Mum to a movie on Saturday or go with Dad to the game on Sunday. This way you get to spend quality time with each child on a regular basis.

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    Simply post a discussion, such as: “what’s for dinner?” Give your children a few choices and watch the responses flow! Every child has the right to respond, but the ultimate decision lies with the Child of the Week. Once that decision has been made, end of discussion!

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    Activate your Child of the Week account and you have the option of pairing your device with that of the children and/or carer. You can pair any number of children with the device, communicating with them freely. If you are away on holidays and a friend is looking after the children, simply pair your device with that of the carer’s and there will be no disruption to the flow of the family!

Creating harmony in the home


The joys of Child of the Week blogged.

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As a mother of four children aged 9 to 17, I understand all too well the challenges of running a busy household while juggling work responsibilities. Maintaining a happy, positive household has always been a priority – regardless of the stresses of work – or the more difficult times when my husband, Julius, was travelling. Prior to the development of the App, we used Child of the Week as a simple tool to ensure harmony and order in the home. Utilising the theme of Child of the Week for a decade, it is my absolute pleasure to be bringing it to life for families all over the world to adapt to your own homes.

Being a professional graphic designer, I have poured my heart and soul in to making the App a functionally stylish tool – keeping families in touch – while additionally building self-esteem for everyone in the household.

I would also like to personally thank those who have helped me bring this App to life. To Julius, for his constant support throughout this project – thank you, I love you! To our four beautiful children – Jemima, Jacob, Remy and Orlando for being my inspiration and for being such fabulous kids….most of the time! To the team at iApps, for creating a stylish, functional and fun App. It is an absolute pleasure working with such a wonderfully talented team who were so patient with my perfectionist Virgo traits as I sought to bring to life, exactly what was in my head. To Deidre Smith for her editing prowess and all my friends and family who have encouraged me and provided feedback throughout the process. Without all of you, I could not have brought my Child of the Week dreams, alive! My heart felt thanks go to each and every one of you.

I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have and will answer them all directly. Please find my details below.

Thank you and enjoy.

Much love.

—Rachael Cox


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